Retailers Guidance

Cheadle Arts Festival is now well established, and as usual we hope to make a splash across the town, showcasing local artists and the creative work of local groups.  We know that people make a special effort to come into town during the Arts Festival and we are keen that local retailers reap the benefits. We’d love you to get involved. Please complete this form and email it to us.

What is High Street Gallery?

It is now a well established tradition that retailers take part in the Cheadle Arts Festival by including artworks as part of their window display. Retailers choose how much space they can allocate to this event and we find a suitable artist to bring their artworks for display. We are extremely grateful to Cheadle retailers for allowing this to happen each year.

The popular High Street Gallery event is going ahead as usual, this year for a fortnight from June 6th to 20th. We aim to deliver another fantastic array of creativity and create a bit of a buzz across town, not just the High Street. We are hoping to send the message that Art is for Everyone, and as much as possible feature local groups that undertake creative activities as a social activity as well as for health and wellbeing.

Are all windows suitable?

Issues that we take into consideration when co-ordinating artworks and premises include:

  • Retailers preferences
  • Condensation
  • Fixed shop display units
  • Stickers, posters and opaque windows
  • Health & safety, e.g people being able to brush past displays
  • Security
  • Accessibility – suitability for set up and removal for our disabled artists

Can retailers still display their own goods for sale?

Yes, of course. It is up to the retailer how much space they allocate to the Arts Festival. Some retailers incorporate creative works around their own sales displays, others clear a section of window specifically for art. Just let us know.

Who finds the artists?

We do! Artists and Groups are applying to us to take part, online and in person, and once we have all the applications in we will be able to allocate the most suitable window space.


High Street Gallery is being promoted as taking place from Saturday 12th to Sunday 27th.

Set up day -  Friday 11th June (or another date to suit you, the retailer)

Removal date -  Monday 28th June (or another date to suit you, the retailer).


This year we are asking artists that sell any pieces during the festival to pay 20% commission to Cheadle Arts as a small contribution to the associated costs of this event. Please note: All Arts Festival organisers are volunteers.

Risk and Insurance

Artists are aware that they take part in High Street Gallery at their own risk.

What if I don’t have window space?

Cheadle retailers can still support the Arts Festival that is taking place for the whole of June. Here are some ideas (please note, not all of these may be appropriate for 2021).

  • Offering interior wall space for us to use as a pop up gallery
  • Hosting an Artist in Residence session
  • Offering performance space for a Cheadle Fringe event or activity
  • Running a workshop, demo or giving a talk during June
  • Supporting our Arts & Crafts market days
  • Offering Sponsorship of the Arts Festival
  • Displaying event posters and giving out Arts Trail programmes
  • Acting as a ticket office for our events
  • Sharing our information on social media

What is Cheadle Arts LIVE! and Art & Crafts Market?

We had this planned for 2020, but won't be running it in 2021. Maybe in 2022 we'll be back with a line-up of performances in the street and in participating venues. The aim is to create a fun day to attract people to come into Cheadle, and maybe stay into the evening as the entertainment continues in local premises. Please ask us about ideas to include your business in 2022; we aim to promote Cheadle.